Brianna Skriver is 13 years old and for nearly 8 years she had to survive an illness that no one could diagnose or treat with any measure of success. Finally, we've gotten an answer to this mystery - Brianna has Batten Disease CLN6. Unfortunately, there is still no known treatment or cure, and it's always fatal. On 12/11/2013 Click Orlando WKMG Local 6 News with Lisa Bell reported the story of Brianna's new diagnosis.

Last year her story had been shared through social media, local and national news outlets in an attempt to bring a greater awareness to her struggles. This site has been set up to give you an opportunity to read about and share her story. Also, it's an opportunity to donate to her cause so her family and doctors can find treatments and finally a cure to Batten Disease.. Any support is greatly appreciated and Brianna and her family sincerely thank you for taking a few moments of your time to learn more of her story. Please check back often for updates, news reports and friend her on Facebook.

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